• Family Medical Leave

    Family Medical Leave

    Ship to Shore Clothier is closed at this time, as Brooke takes family medical leave.
    You can learn more about our journey here : YouCaring.com

  • Maternity Leave

    Maternity Leave

    Brooke is taking maternity leave beginning August 8th. She will be hosting a limited number of new client consultations in the late Fall. New client fittings will begin in January 2016. For this reason, only clients with event dates that fall after March 1st, 2016 can be accommodated.
    (existing clients with pre-booked appointments will be honored)

    Please email Brooke with inquiries. Expect a delay in correspondence during this time.

    Thank you for your patience & understanding!

  • Feature in Capital at Play Magazine

    Feature in Capital at Play Magazine
  • Feature in Asheville Citizen Times

    Feature in Asheville Citizen Times
  • New gallery + studio hours open to the public

    Parker Priddy Gallery + Studio, located at 43 Rankin Avenue, is a collaborative showroom for Parker J Pfister Photography and Ship to Shore Clothier, the custom gown design label from R. Brooke Priddy.

    The Gallery + Studio is open to the public by appointment only. Please check the Parker + Priddy Facebook Page for details on events and happenings.

    PARKER + PRIDDY is a bespoke photography firm born of Parker and Brooke’s epic fashion and photography projects. They offer custom personal and commercial services including full service photography and styling.

    Grand Opening story in the Citizen Times

  • WNC's Best Fashion Designer Award

    Thanks for voting R. Brooke Priddy & Ship to Shore Best Fashion Designer in the Mountain Xpress Reader's poll. EIGHTH year in a row!!

  • Ship to Shore Clothier to move to downtown Asheville

    (excerpt from the Citizen-Times article by Carol Motsinger)

    Ship to Shore Shop will be relocate to 43 Rankin Ave., which is also the gallery and studio of photographer, Parker J Pfister.

    The grand opening is planned for 7 p.m. July 18. The creative duo will debut new photographs and gowns from their recent fashion shoot adventures. The reception is free and open to the public.

    Parker and Brooke are longtime collaborators on epic fashion and photography projects. Their most recent coastal shoot features model and actress, Amanda Swafford, and hairstylist Amy Grooms.

    This creative team traveled to the Southern coasts and places thereabouts in April for a three-day immersion shoot. The gowns were built expressly to be shot by Parker amongst the spanish moss, live oaks and bone-like trees of Botany Bay. This new work will exhibited at the gallery at 43 Rankin, alongside the gowns.

    Ship to Shore will begin hosting current clients in the new studio in July. Although her 2014 bridal season is booked, she is accepting new clients now for 2015. The new location features a natural light sewing room. The studio will also feature a large exhibition space with future plans for public open hours for retail and reception.

    Priddy moved her store from Haywood Road to State Street in February 2013. Ship to Shore was founded 14 years ago.

    She has been published widely, and created commission for two museum exhibitions recently. Locally, she is best known for her custom wedding and event one-of-a-kind gowns.

    Priddy's work is celebrated for its artistic drama, which makes it a natural fit for Pfister's artful fashion and conceptual photography.

    He is also known for stylistic wedding and portrait work. His work has been published worldwide and was named one of the "Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World" by American Photo, was on the cover of NikonWorld magazine.

  • Feature in Inspire Weddings Magazine

    On the shelves from January through April 2014, is the latest colab with photographers Parker J Pfister + Richard Israel, featuring gowns by Ship to Shore.
    View more photos from the Inspire Magazine fashion feature on Parker and Richard's blogs.

  • Feature in Carolina Home & Garden

  • Ship to Shore has set sail for a new locale

    Renovations and habitations are almost complete ... Ship to Shore Shop has moved to 85 State Street in West Asheville. The new location features a much larger fitting area and a dressing room fit for a queen. Come and visit for the Grand Opening and Sale on February 9th. Details to follow ...

  • Our State Magazine Feature

    An article by Sarah Perry featuring the recent installation at the Cameron Museum.
    North Carolina in Thread

  • best of WNC 2008-2013

    Thanks to the community and Mountain Xpress Magazine, for voting R. Brooke Priddy the best fashion designer in Western North Carolina for six years in a row!

  • New show at CAM

    The on-site installations from the SECCA exhibition, Out of Fashion,
    will be traveling to The Cameron Art Museum this Summer! More details to follow ...

  • {re}happening

    Saturday, April 7th at the former Black Mountain College campus at Lake Eden
    A performative installation in John Cage's former classroom by R. Brooke Priddy, Matt Schnable, Bridget Elmer and Nathanael Roney
    {Re}HAPPENING is a meeting of creative minds and bodies, drawn to the historic and inspirational site of Black Mountain College’s main campus, known as Lake Eden in Western North Carolina. Once a year, artists come together from various genres and disciplines to cross-pollinate and draw inspiration from these historic grounds. This project has developed from an innovative fundraising and art-based collaboration between the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center and the |http://www.themap.org/map|Media Arts Project.
    images from last year's installation

  • Slipped Slip at SECCA

    Saturday, March 10 immediately following
    The Makers Panel @ 3:30pm FREE
    Artist/dressmaker R. Brooke Priddy, Composer Kimathi Moore, and Dancer/Choreographer Janice Lancaster Larsen collaborate in the cross-disciplinary dance performance slipped slip, which takes an artwork from the galleries to its natural end on the grounds of SECCA. As a work on display in the SECCA exhibition Out of Fashion, Priddy’s sculptural, clay-treated dress ADSR (Attack Decay Sustain Release) has slowly broken down as pulsing speakers played low bass rumbles inside. On the afternoon of Saturday, March 10, Ms. Lancaster Larsen will don the actual garment and usher its poetic return to the earth through movement, dance, and live audio composed on site by Kimathi Moore.
    more details

  • Out of Fashion at The Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art

    Featuring three new installation projects by R. Brooke Priddy
    Curated by Steven Matijcio
    November 3, 2011 – March 4, 2012
    The word “fashion” is synonymous with trends, fads, immediacy and a fleeting exercise of life in the moment. Yet in the very ebb and flow of fashion’s passing fancy, an accumulation of lives, stories and materials collects into an ambivalent history. The eclipse of a once-thriving textile industry in North Carolina speaks to the volatility of market-driven fashion/s, spurring new, regenerative practices from mountains to the coast. Rather than keeping up with the latest fashions (and their continuing demands of consumerism, turnover and excess) there is a movement amongst local artists and designers that turns instead to refuge, time and duration. Their work derives out of fashion, but is outside fashion’s perpetual amnesia. Beyond the runway, this exhibition mines the histories of fashion as vessels of time, nature, and memory.
    gallery guide
    Listen to SECCA and Out of Fashion Curator Steven Matijcio interviewed by WFDD’s Triad Arts Up Close.
    Interview – Part 1
    Interview – Part 2