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Custom designed gowns are my specialty. I typically ask for a minimum of a 15 week period to design and create the gown.
You are welcome to write to set up an initial design appointment well in advance of your wedding date or event. We can sit together at my studio/storefront and you can tell me about your concepts and ideas & I can come up with a sketch, we look over fabrics together & then I can offer a quote. Initial appointments are $75 & the fee is applied to your purchase.
Building a custom original design is a highly collaborative process. We begin by dreaming up the sketch and making fabric selections. Then we meet for a 'draping' appointment, where we collaboratively design the structure of the garment together in front of a mirror, draping the unsewn materials directly on the body. I build an original pattern for every piece, and the details and cuts come together organically, through our highly personalized and in-depth fittings. I prefer to host up to four hour-long appointments for original work. It is a very creative and exciting process - a very different feeling than buying off-the-rack. Those unable to travel to Asheville in-person are welcomed to write and inquire about remote collaborations, although I do insist upon at least one day together in person. Commissions start at $2,500 and range up depending upon materials and cut.