body of work > heirloom redux

kristi's gown
heirloom alençon lace
katie's dress
mom's lace wedding gown and modal and tulle
selena's dress
heirloom alençon lace
amy's gown redux
heirloom wedding gown and viel, lace
stephanie's gown redux
mom's gown and stretch netting and lace
joti's gown redux
silk with heirloom lace appliqué
kelly's gown redux
crinkle silk chiffon gown and heirloom lace
erica's gown redux
heirloom wedding gown, lace
jesse's lace detail
glissenette and heirloom lace
miriam's gown redux
silk gown and heirloom lace with freshwater pearls
christine's redux
modern ballgown with added lace and stretch satin

I do a lot of work with brides that wish to incorporate heirloom
lace and materials into their gowns. Using mom's gown or g-mas lace and buttons can make the whole experience so much more meaningful ...
and the gown will have a story to tell.
I do not typically take on standard alterations for sizing, length, etc.
I do, however, enjoy doing 'design overhauls' and recreation of vintage or heirloom gowns. I would have to take a look at the project
and see what your vision is before I could say whether or not I can help you. Write to me and include a photo of the gown and some info about what you are looking for. If its not for me, then I can offer some advice on where you can find an alterationist that can help you.